February 26, 2013


Since the Paleo diet consists of...

it seemingly takes away most go-to snack options. Finding Paleo friendly snacks was my mission when I started this lifestyle last summer. After a lot of experimenting, I have come up with quite a hearty list of options. They may not seem desirable because they need to be made, but your body will thank you. I also learned that the process of changing what you eat will also be a process of re-training your taste buds. If your mind thinks sweet = donut, then a banana smoothie might not seem like dessert right away. However, after training your taste buds to eat meat and veggies for dinner, followed by some frozen berries, your cravings will shift to healthier items.

Here are some simple and quick snack options for those of you starting the Paleo lifestyle, or a healthier lifestyle in general.


Black olives-filling, healthy fats
Sweet Potato Chips-great for dipping
Hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper
Beef Jerky
Snap peas- costco sells giant bags
Almond butter and celery
 Slices of meat-good, good, deli meat or grilled chicken
Sliced Radishes with sprinkled salt and lemon
Dinner leftovers!
Small sweet potato


Coconut flakes
Apples and almond butter  
Banana flax seed "crackers"
Fruity muffins found here
Almonds with chocolate chips
Dried Fruit
Greek yogurt w. berries-If you are going to give in to dairy, make it full fat.
Veggie smoothies seen here or here
Mug Cakes found here 
Almond milk, sliced almonds, frozen berries mixed together for dessert

This is a short list but it gets me through! The point is to fill your stomach with good  things. Sometimes that will mean a small sweet potato at 10am!
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